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On commercial properties having your heating and air system working properly is very important to the employees and customers that are in the building. You want your building to be comfortable for everyone, and make the space feel welcoming. Whether it be installation, maintenance or service, we can do it all. Taking care of a commercial system is imperative, not only is the actual system costly, but if not taken care of so can the energy bills!

Installing a New Commercial System

When time to upgrade, or install a system into a new building, we are  the right choice. We know that every job is unique, so we’ll take the time to do a system design to assure that the system that’s installed is suitable for the building’s needs. Some of the products that we offer include:

  •  Rooftop Units
  • Split Systems
  • Make-up Air Units
  • Exhaust and Supply Fans
  • Clean Rooms
  • Water Sourced Heat Pump (Geothermal)

We will perform a load calculation to make sure that the system is a perfect fit, because picking the right size system is very significant. If the system is too small or large your energy bills will be greater, and the system will not run efficiently which will lower the system’s lifespan.   Many companies talk about being the best, but Armstrong Heating and Air is the best!

Commercial System Repair

Having trouble with an existing commercial system? Whether Armstrong installed it or not we’d be happy to take a look. We have a set diagnostic fee, and once the problems are determined the service tech can discuss the best options and what will need to be done to get the system running back at its optimum level.  We feel that we can service your system the best.