Our carrier units are the best


Carrier spends significant time qualifying its materials for corrosion resistance. It doesn’t really matter how good the internal components perform if the cabinet cannot withstand the environmental elements.

Because the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is accepted world-wide, Carrier uses their test methods of continuous salt fog and prohesion testing. These two accelerated methods are extremely brutal on the unit. These tests have been instrumental in developing units specifically designed for harsh

coastal conditions.


Carrier’s Infinity Series Two Stage Coastal heat pump model 25HNB6C, of our Comfort Series heat pump model 25HBB3C are your choice selections from our Coastal Unit Line of split system products. Combined with your selection of a Comfort Series Fan Coil, a Performance Series Variable Speed Fan Coil, or the Infinity Series Communicating Variable Speed Fan Coil, you can achieve up to a 16 Seer Rating for your Home Comfort and Energy Savings.