Millennial Parents Struggle with High Cost of Living

Millennial Parents Struggle with High Cost of Living
Better money management today can lead to brighter financial future

(Family Features) For many young adults, heavy debt and lower-paying jobs lead to a delay in traditional life goals like buying homes and starting families. However, research suggests that millennials’ financial worries are adding up to more than stress and disappointment, particularly once they become parents.

Two in five young parents rate their financial health as unsatisfactory and 40 percent said financial stress is putting a strain on their relationship, according to a survey from the National Endowment for Financial Education and Parents Magazine. More than half of millennial parents concede they would surrender a year of their life to have more financial security.

“Being a parent takes patience, forgiveness and a lot of silent counts to 10, but it also takes a lot of money,” said Paul Golden, director of Smart About Money, a nonprofit foundation inspiring educated financial decision-making for individuals and families through every stage of life. “Many young adults start off with significant student loan debt. When you add housing, groceries, utilities, transportation expenses and health care costs, the strain increases, and oftentimes the math in the household budget doesn’t add up.”

The price tag of raising a child is more than $304,000 based on the projected inflation-adjusted cost of rearing a child until age 18, not counting college. Managing that financial pressure begins with planning for the future and truly understanding the costs associated with adding a baby to the family or buying a new home, Golden added.

“Regularly paying attention to your money and practicing major life transitions before they happen is an important step toward achieving financial health,” he said.

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